Thursday, November 15, 2007

It's a Boy or is it a Girl?? - YOUR VOTE!!

Well friends, as most of you know, we are expecting a baby in early April. On Monday, November 19th we will hopefully learn the sex of our baby. If you'd like to place your bet/vote on the sex of the baby, you can do so here by posting a comment. We will reveal our news on our blog sometime Monday or early Tuesday at the latest!!
For starters, I, Michelle, think it is a boy. Bryan thinks it is a girl. What is your guess?
Oh and for a little incentive, all those that select the right sex will win a free trip to Hawaii.
If you believe me, you really shouldn't play this game.


Rachel said...

Well, if I can't get a trip to Hawaii, will you at least make me one of your fabulous deserts??? I'd settle for one of your handmade jewlery pieces too.. Or how about letting me choose one of my most favorite items from your home?? I'll let you decide. Anyway,my vote is a brrrrrrrrrrddddddddd...
boy. But I have been horrible at predicting babies for quite sometime and I fully admit that. Can't wait to find out!!

Anonymous said...

Michelle, I am going to say a boy too! I can't wait to see you next wkend.
Becky H

Fields Favorites said...

I'm terrible at this... and will be excited for either!!! I'll play devil's advocate.... I say GIRL. : ) Can't wait! I'll be eagerly awaiting your post!!!