Thursday, December 27, 2007

Time with Papa and Cousin CJ

Brayden and his cousin CJ enjoying reading a book with their Papa on Christmas Day. Brayden had so much fun over Christmas - I think he was disappointed when it was all over.

Christmas is over?

Brayden certainly enjoyed all of the Christmas festivities...although it is hard to believe it is all over! I think his favorite thing was playing with his cousins and seeing his grandparents. He liked all the activity that came with the season. One of his favorite things to do during the month of December was to look at baby Jesus, or "de-dus" as Brayden called him and sing "Silent Night" and "Away in the Manger". He was also very determined that our Christmas tree lights and the stable light was on - during all of his waking hours. If it wasn't we heard, " Yights on, Yights on, Yights on!" repeatedly.

Santa visited us on Christmas Eve! Brayden wasn't sure what to think of him... Who is this guy?? Wow....

After all the festivities Brayden enjoyed relaxing with his Grandpa...